Board of Directors

~ Volunteers, imparting a wide variety of skills & experience working with residents & partners throughout Monroe County ~

Families First is governed by a Board of Directors who live or work in Monroe County.  The Directors provide a broad base of representation.  They serve voluntarily, and impart diverse leadership skills based on years of knowledge regarding non-profit agency operations and business aspects.

PRESIDENT ~ Bryan Pierce - Carmichael & Quartemont, S.C. 

VICE PRESIDENT ~ Peter Reichardt - CCF Bank

SECRETARY ~ Laura Bishop - Community Member

TREASURER ~ Jenny McCoy - Community Member

DIRECTOR ~ Janis Adams - XPO Logistics

DIRECTOR ~ Mary Bushing - Community Member

DIRECTOR ~ Jennifer Revels-Wangen - District 7 Decor and Design

DIRECTOR ~ Sandy LaCoursiere - Community Member

DRIECTOR ~ Sandy Murray - Community Member

DIRECTOR ~ Sue Rettler - Community Member

DIRECTOR ~ Jeremy Haun - Edward Jones

DIRECTOR ~ Theresa Burns-Gilbert - Community Member


~ Jeanne Meyer, MSE -- Executive Director

Marina Faith -- Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

~ Jessica Grauel, BA -- Case Care Manager

Minimal Office